Dear Participants,
We are ready with the video of the symposium. We hope you have enjoyed the symposium and the video is a way to remember it clearly! You can donwload the video from the link here:




Dear Paricipants,
We want to inform you that the deadline to send us your feeback for the 20th IGWT Symposium is extended to 15th October 2016. You can fill the feedback form here:

“Dear Participants,
As a respond to the mails we are receiving from you we want to specify something. We cannot make reservation in Hotel Azalia for you, which means that you are not able to book a room at the hotel at the website of the Symposium. The details of your stay in Varna which you specify during the registration in the website is only for us to be informed for the needs of the organization. You should contact the hotel through their email or through some other contact ways and specify that you are participant in the 20th IGWT Symposium. You can contact the hotel directly or through some travel agency.
Here you can find some details about Azalia Hotel and offer about participants in the Sympoisum:

This is the email for reservations of the Azalia Hotel:

The deadline to book a room at the hotel is 30th June 2016.

Dear participants,
We have one very important request. We want to ask you about details of your stay in Varna. Please tell us whether you have made a reservation in Azalia Hotel through the hotel directly or through some agency, even if you have booked another hotel. Please note that all events we have arranged will be in Azalia Hotel and will be only for their guests.
We are waiting for your reply till 15th June 2016. It is very important for the complete organization of the Symposium and we are sure that you will act responsibly.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Best regards,
Organizing committee

Update: 25.08.2016
A full program of the Symposium is now available. You an download it from here .

Update: 15.08.2016
The conference proceedings are now indexed in RePEc.

Update: 26.07.2016
Book of Proceedings of the 20th IGWT Symposium is now available and can be downloaded from here!!!

Update: 07.06.2016
The finished Symposium Programme is uploaded to the site. You can find it here:

Update: 30.5.2016
The accomplanying persons who have paid 220 Euro will participate in the official dinner and in the cultural program at the International Symposium.

Update: 18.5.2016
Here is link of the feedback form, where all participants would be able to express their opinions about 20 IGWT Symposium:
The link will be active at the period 12th-30th September 2016.

Update: 26.04.2016
The Italian Academy of Commodity Science is pleased to announce that since March 2016 has new President.
The new President  is Professor Bruno Notarnicola from University of Bari Aldo Moro., Dept Jonico.
The Vice President is Professor Maria Claudia Lucchetti from University of Rome Tre, dept of Business Studies.
The new Secretary is Prof. Giuseppe Tassielli, Dept Jonico.

Update: 17.02.2016
The whole papers should maximum 6 pages long.

Update: 02.02.2016
Due to recent questions about the accomodation in Varna we would like to say that hotel Azalia will contact each participant in order to specify the details about their stay (time or arrival, days of stay, single or double room, accompanying person, price of the stay, payment method, etc.).
We would also like to remind that the Symposium would take time during the active summer season and these prices are for participants only. We have chosen only 1 hotel, because our aim is all participants to be in same place, where specific events and nights will be held.

Update: 01.02.2016
The deadline for preregistration and abstract submission is extended to 29.02.2016. On March 1st 2016 the abstract would be checked and approved and you will be able to attach your whole papers till the end of March.

Update: 20.01.2016
The papers can now be sent through the website of the Symposium. Once the abstract is approved a button will appear in the Reports section on the website. Please use the template file given on 14.12.2015. Only papers written accoridng to the template will be approved.The template can be downloaded also from here.

Notice: 17.12.2015

One of the symbols of Varna is the building of our university. This year the building is honored by a prestigious jury of 24 members, composed of respected representatives of professional communities, as the winner in the category "Cultural buildings monuments, museums, temples" in the National Contest "Building of the Year 2015" – the most prominent event in Bulgarian in the sphere of investment projects, construction and architecture ..

Update: 14.12.2015
All papres will be indexed in a referenced data base. From this point the papers should be written using the template given here!

Update: 07.10.2015
The deadline for reservation of single or double room at the website has been changed from April 15th 2016 to January 29th 2016.